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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Father's Day

This Father's Day is very special because it is Joe's FIRST one!!! Our lil man is almost 8 months already!!

Yesterday Ben and I took Joe to the "Man's toy store" also known as Lowes. Joe needs some tools for his maintenance classes next semester so what a perfect gift to give to who I think is the world's BEST Father!! Though I am pretty partial to the guy!! So we got Joe a new ratchet set and he was eager to find them a new home in his tool chest as soon as we got back.  And of course, so was Ben......

And then of course after working hard with the tools it was play time.... 

You can see Calvin peeping from below.

See the joy in Ben's face! He loves this. 

Ok So I was also really excited to make Joe some gifts from Ben. To me homemade gifts are the best! 
I hit up the blogging world to find ideas and this is what stuck out to me the most... 

It is a box of Hero Supplies from Oh Happy Day !

Here is what my package looks like... 

I used Spinach Artichoke chips from Archer Farms (found at Target).

These are yummy York Peppermint pieces

Joe's favorite chocolate bar... White Chocolate with Coconut from Lindt

Jerky. lol 

Lemon Heads

Cream Soda... Jones soda

Last, but not least these are some yummy Cinnamon Pretzels I found on Joy in my Kitchen's blog. 

I also ordered him a card from Tiny Prints... 

This is the design I used. There are ton's more!!! You get to use your own photos and customize the wording used! I love Tiny Prints!!

Hopefully Joe enjoys his hero supplies and card as much as I enjoyed putting them together. I'll let you all know what he thinks after tomorrow when I give it to him! 

What are you doing for Father's Day?? 

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  1. This is adorable, and that secret identity bar might be the coolest thing ever.

  2. I know right!!! If you want the printables for the Father in your life check out Oh Happy Day's blog. She created them.


    and thank you so much for commenting! :D